ExpanDrive for Linux

ExpanDrive for Linux x64

ExpanDrive for Linux is currently in public beta. It is available as a 64-bit Debian or RPM package suitable for running on most Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, Mint and more. It supports Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Box, SFTP, FTP, BackBlaze B2 and more.

Full integration into your file manager

OneDrive mapped as a network drive

Powerful storage browser and transfer manager

Installation and getting started

Connecting to OneDrive on Linux
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Deb and RPM packages

Download ExpanDrive for Linux vMAJOR.MINOR.PATCH

Installation instructions

Debian based distributions

For Debian based distributions like Ubuntu start by download our latest .deb package. With modern versions of apt you can download and install the package using the apt command. This will also pull in the required dependencies.

sudo apt install ./ExpanDrive_MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH_amd64.deb

Alternatively you can install the package with dpkg, but then you’ll need to use apt to fulfill the dependencies.

Redhat based distributions

Download our latest RPM and use yum to install ExpanDrive and the required dependencies.

sudo yum localinstall ./ExpanDrive-MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.x86_64.rpm